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Do you know someone who would like an audio version of the

Malvern Gazette / Ledbury Reporter?

USB memory stick being put into zipped pouch with see-through window for reversible address label logo circular with name top and bottom and photo of USB memory sticks in centre Boom box with USB being inserted in top


Every Friday a team of volunteers gathers to read and record the newspaper, copy it to USB memory sticks and post it to clients who have already been provided with a 'Boom Box' on which to play the recording.

Clients then turn the address label over and post the memory stick back at any post box or post office with no stamp required.


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Malvern Talking Newspaper is supported by Sight Concern and is a member of the Talking News Federation. Registered Charity number 1136716.


Clients are referred by Social Services or by Sight Concern - or you can self-refer.


"It has made me feel part of the community again"

"It is as if friends are reading the news to me; I can recognise the voices of the different volunteers"

"I particularly like the monthly magazine because it has a wonderful variety of articles which the volunteers have chosen for us"


A special request - if you live in the Malvern - Ledbury - Upton area and your GP surgery, dentist, optician or eye clinic doesn't have an advertising flyer for the Talking Newspaper on display, please ask them to print one off from this website - and coffee shops, village halls and anywhere else you can think of!

We would like to reach as many people as possible who might want to benefit from our service.

01684 560061

01905 723245


A4 poster to download

This is a document in pdf format so probably cannot be accessed using a screen reading program. It gives almost exactly the same information as the first part of this webpage.

2 half-size flyers to download

This is two smaller copies of the same thing so it is more economical to print.

Boom box instructions to download


This is a document in pdf format. Click here to read the instructions on this web page.


click for information on screen reader programs and how to increase font size from the Talking News Federation website.

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Instructions for using the Boom Box to listen to the recordings.

The power socket for charging is on the back, to the right of the battery compartment.

The raised dot on the memory stick needs to face the back of the box. Insert the stick into the slot at the top, just left of centre.

The yellow front-facing dial is for On, Off and Volume. You rotate the dial clockwise to turn it on.

There are two rows of buttons on the top of the boom box.

The button to the right of the memory stick will reset to the beginning of the recording.

Front middle button - click this to Play or Pause.

Left button - click to skip back a track, or hold it down to rewind.

Right button - click to skip forward a track, or hold it down to fast forward.


When you have listened to the recording please reverse the address label on your pouch and post it in any post box. You do not need a stamp. We need the sticks back fairly promptly so that we can re-use them for the next recording.

If you have any problems or comments you can ring Anne, who is the volunteer co-ordinator and webmaster on 01684 560061.

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